A team of fashion designer & marketer
working together to change trend

about the company

We are a fashion ecommerce company. We are a growing company expanding our items each season. Currently we aim to produce quality apparel that fuels our brand and our movement. Using a collaborative explosion of creativity fueled by inspiration from a design perspective.

As a startup company we know that we have major competition… but why buy our brand? Why are we different? are questions to answers that lies deep within each of our customer… Our designs are creative, modern and chic and embodies that special message – a message that resonates within each of our challenges each day. Let the Ndure brand¬† be a symbol of your strength.

our mission

To create chic trendy apparel with a symbolic voice, vocalizing the emphasis of self confidence, self determination and endurance.

our vision

Reach millions of people who can proudly wear a branded apparel that represents their own journey and signifies their own story. We hope to use this brand to reach a population who struggle with perseverance – we see the Ndure brand as a flagship for hope. NEVER LET YOUR FAILURES WIN!

the founder story

A graphic artist saw a medium to express her message, using creativity and her passion for fashion- an equation that produced the NDURE clothing brand.

Through hard work and determination, a true testimony of “NEVER GIVING UP WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH! She has learnt how to endure hardship, disappointments, failures and rejections… but despite all, TODAY she stands tall!

NDURE Clothing brand has giving her the motivation to express her creative freedom shared to the world through embedded inspiring content.

Let’s win on this journey together!

Looking forward to providing you great service, quality apparel and stunning design concepts.